Regional Breakdown of 2023 FES: Demand Side Response (DSR)

Forecast data from 2022-2050 of Demand Side Response (DSR) of the FES dataset (electricity only), showing regional results

Data Explorer

Data Explorer

Table Information


Title FES Scenario
Type string
Description The scenario to which this data corresponds.
Comment LW: Leading the Way CT: Consumer Transformation ST: System Transformation SP: Steady Progression
Example SP
Unit N/A


Title Grid Supply Point
Type string
Description Connection location to the electricity system. Also incudes direct connection to the National Electricity Transmission System.
Comment Short code names are used for GSPs i.e. "ABTH_1" for Aberthaw 132kV.
Example ABTH_1
Unit N/A


Title Demand Side Response
Type number
Description Expected change in demand at winter peak due to DSR at this connection location.
Example 100
Unit MW


Title Year
Type integer
Description Two character value indicating the fiscal year that this data relates to i.e. "25" = 2025/26, "50" = 2050/51.
Comment Fiscal year is taken as starting 1st April and running until 31st March the following year.
Example 45
Unit N/A