At National Grid ESO, we ensure Great Britain has the essential electricity it requires, managing supply and demand to meet the needs of our nation.

Virutal energy system logl

But we also have a clear mission: to decarbonise the energy system and bridge the gap to net zero.

The journey to net zero and a carbon free future has already begun, and the way we generate, manage and consume energy is changing for the better.

Continuing to innovate and adapt the energy system will require a range of new tools and a reimagining of how the entire industry can come together to deliver lasting impact.

That is why we're launching an ambitious, industry-wide mission to digitise our energy system.

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VES - Connectivity

We call it the Virtual Energy System

This world first, real-time replica of our entire energy landscape will work in parallel to our physical system, affording a virtual environment through which we can share data and model and test scenarios to make our decision-making more robust.

We need to come together, as an industry, to turn this vision into a reality.

We are calling on every element of the GB energy industry to lend its support, expertise and investment.

Introducing the Virtual Energy System

Introducing the Virtual Energy System, powered by ESO

How the system works

  1. The Virtual Energy System begins with an open framework, with agreed access, operations and security protocols

  2. Over time, this will be populated by existing and new digital twins – replicas of physical components of our energy system

  3. Each digital twin will contribute to and access real-time data on the status and operation of other elements of the system

  4. As the data becomes more layered, these interactions will create valuable insight to help guide and govern how we generate, manage, store, and consume energy.

Virtual Energy System conference

On 1stDecember 2021 we hosted a one-day conference which provided an opportunity for the energy industry and wider stakeholders to find out more about the programme, and how to get involved.

National Grid ESO was joined by industry panellists and presentation from across Ofgem, BEIS, Energy Digitalisation Taskforce, energy Systems Catapult and more. 

Virtual Energy System conference agenda

The recorded presentations will be available on the conference platform from Tuesday 7th December 2021. To access please register here.

Industry Initial Feedback

Have your say on the programme

We’re inviting wider industry to share their initial thoughts on the plans for the Virtual Energy System and help shape the future of the programme.

You can take part here.

Advisory Groups and Engagement

Help to shape the programme as it evolves

A series of Advisory Groups and Engagement opportunities will take place in 2022. Led by industry experts, these events will create an ongoing dialogue between National Grid ESO and the industry as the programme develops.

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Any further questions can be emailed to [email protected]