RIIO-2 final business plan

We submitted our final version of the Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) ambitious Business Plan to Ofgem 9 December 2019. Our business plan is designed to meet the future needs of the energy market.

Its development has been an unprecedented and exciting opportunity for the ESO to engage extensively with stakeholders to define and develop our role during a time of significant change.

RIIO-2 final business plan: facilitating the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

by Fintan Slye, Director of UK System Operator


It gives me great pleasure to present the Electricity System Operator’s first ever Business Plan for the RIIO-2 period.

Our plan is ambitious, led by stakeholders, and sets out the crucial role we will play in the transition to a zero carbon energy system in Great Britain.

Delivering value for consumers is central to our plan. Our proposed activities in RIIO-2 will generate net benefits of around £2 billion over the five years, which translates into a £3 reduction on every annual consumer bill.

Our Business Plan is founded on a vision for the next decade and beyond, focusing on how we must evolve to meet the challenges of the changing energy landscape and maximise benefits for consumers. As well as delivering new systems and market platforms, we must also transform our capability through investment in information technology, innovation and people. The introduction of a new RIIO-2 regulatory framework is an opportunity to put in place a funding model and incentive scheme that drives the right behaviours.

We are ready to step up and become the ambitious, consumer-focused ESO that our stakeholders want us to be. Our Business Plan sets out how we will enable the transformation to a zero carbon energy system and continue to ensure reliable, affordable energy for Great Britain. We will do this while delivering significant value to consumers. Climate change is the challenge of a generation, and the time to act is now.


Business planExecutive summary
Update: The redacted parts of Annex 8 have now been removed and we have updated our redaction statement.
Update 27/1/2020: Annex 2 has been updated to correct a small number of minor errors

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