An open laptop over a yellow-orange background with energy lines flowing across it

National Grid ESO confirms submission of interim technical report into the power outages of 9th August, to Ofgem

National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), a legally separated business within National Grid Group, confirms that it has submitted its interim technical report into the power outages of Friday 9th August, in accordance with Ofgem’s interim deadline of 6pm today, Friday 16th August.

There will now follow a short period of deliberation by Ofgem, with the anticipation of the findings of the interim technical report being released next week.

The final detailed technical report to Ofgem by National Grid ESO will be submitted by Friday 6th September, in accordance with the timeline set out by Ofgem.

This is a separate and parallel process to the government’s Energy Emergencies Executive Committee (E3C) inquiry into the power outages, and the response of other critical national infrastructure and essential services, which is expected to report back finally in early November. The scope of the inquiry by E3C, a panel made up of government, Ofgem and industry, has been welcomed by National Grid ESO.