Improvements to the ESO website

Introducing the new look Data Portal and ESO account

We are constantly reviewing the ESO website and looking for ways to make improvements and offer you new functionality.

In our next release, scheduled for 5 October, we will be rolling out two new features that will greatly improve your experience.

The first feature is integrating the Data Portal with the ESO website. This will give a more consistent and seamless experience across our digital services by providing a single search capability across both content and data. There are also improvements to the look and feel of pages, and you’ll be able to manage your data subscriptions through your new ESO account. Your existing dataset email and SMS updates will continue to work exactly as they do now.

The second feature is the brand new ESO account. From 6 October, if you are a user of the Data Portal, Single Market Platform (SMP) or Enduring Auction Capability (EAC), you will be able to create one account for all three systems – with more systems to follow.

Your ESO account will enable you to sign in to all the ESO systems you use with the same details, and give you access to a personalised dashboard where you can manage your data portal subscriptions.

We’ll be in touch directly with data portal subscribers and SMP users when it is time to start using your new ESO account.