Green GB Week - The Energy System of the future

On 15 October the UK government launched Green GB Week. This week highlights the opportunities clean growth offers the UK and raises understanding of how businesses can contribute to tackling climate change.

We are delighted that this gives us the opportunity to tell you about how we are helping the UK decarbonise and the opportunities that clean growth gives us.

As the Electricity System Operator, we sit at the heart of the electricity system.

Round the clock, we keep the lights on for energy consumers by balancing the system in real time, ensuring that supply and demand is always met. 

The variability of increased renewables is one of the natural changes that we see as we move to a low carbon system. 

To enable this energy revolution, we need smarter solutions and marketplaces with a level playing field for all. We play an essential part in this transition and therefore our role is continuing to evolve. 

New technologies like energy storage, Demand Side Response and Smart Meters enable our customers to exercise greater choice and control over the way in which they use energy. 

To respond to these changes, we are working with partners on a range of projects to provide low carbon solutions. 

  • Enhanced Frequency Response solves the challenge of running a system that includes variable renewable and new technologies.
  • Electricity generated by intermittent sources such as solar and wind when needed the most, allows a more diverse range of technologies into the mix, involving renewables and battery energy storage.
  • Changing customer behaviours and infrastructure upgrades, including the rollout of Smart Meters, mean that demand is increasingly able to soften peaks. 
  • With Demand Side Response businesses and consumers can turn up, turn down or shift demand in real-time. This helps reduce overall system costs, reduce carbon emissions and move us toward a more flexible energy system.
  • We are also providing more local electricity generation connections, reducing the carbon impact of our construction projects and getting involved in community energy projects.

We are uniquely placed to help shape the constantly evolving energy landscape and to build the energy network for the future. 

We bring energy to life. We work with our stakeholders and listen to our consumers. We are committed to delivering a greener energy, so we and future generations can not only benefit from innovative energy solutions but also enjoy a cleaner world.