ESO life: An interview with Kein-Arn Ong

A few weeks back, Kein-Arn Ong, Energy Analyst in the SO Strategy team took part in a series of videos that National Grid ESO is filming, profiling a diverse group of its employees. Since graduating with a degree in chemistry in 1997, Kein-Arn has had the opportunity to work on some fascinating projects — for example, during his time at British Gas he worked on the Millennium Bug and at the ESO he gets to look at the future of energy.

In the video, he talks about how lucky he is to have a job that he loves in an industry that he truly cares about and how he’s helping bring electricity, light and heat to people, which is a great feeling. And it’s not just Kein-Arn that feels this way. At National Grid ESO, there is a real sense of mission purpose. Our team is doing something for the benefit of our country, our economy and even our family and friends. This is also true in the wider industry. Kein-Arn expresses how, during his time at National Grid ESO, he’s met engineers, forecasters, analysts and more that all come to work every day to ensure that energy is delivered where it’s needed.

National Grid ESO is extremely diverse. Kein-Arn has worked with people from all over the world, with a huge range of backgrounds and skills. He’s worked with such talented individuals, who have always been willing to help him learn and improve in his own role, with training and mentoring support available throughout his journey. With this supportive culture engrained in the company, it’s no surprise that Kein-Arn’s best career moments include seeing several of his colleagues being promoted. Even just playing a small part in that progression gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

Another personal career moment that he’s extremely proud of is landing his current job and having the opportunity to work on National Grid ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES) report, a document that outlines four potential energy scenarios for the next 30 years and beyond. Now, Kein-Arn’s team gets to prove that a zero carbon future isn’t an impossible dream, but a very possible reality. 

If you’d like to find out more, Kein-Arn Ong’s video is available here.