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Demand Flexibility Service features on The Martin Lewis Money Show

Our Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) returns this winter, offering homes and businesses the opportunity to earn pounds, points, or prizes for flexing the time they use electricity. This helps manage supply during times when margins are tightest. Creating more flexibility in the electricity system will be vital for running a clean, green, and affordable energy system for the future.

Last winter, 1.6 million homes and businesses took part in DFS and saved enough energy to power nearly 10 million homes across Great Britain. Ahead of this years’ first test event, Martin Lewis gave his lowdown on the service on his ITV show.

The Martin Lewis Money Show advice

On his ITV show, Martin explained which registered providers consumers can sign-up with to take part in this years’ DFS and how households could save money by making simple changes to their daily routine.  This could be as simple as moving the time washing machines, dishwashers or ovens are used.

He also set out the results of a Money Saving Expert poll of 3,000 DFS participants last year. This found that 78% of people who took part last year had a good experience and were pleased about playing their part in maintaining energy security as well as helping the environment. 

Visit the Money Saving Expert website to see a handy guide explaining how to get involved at home this year.

Money Saving Expert

Hear what Martin had to say about DFS during series 13 episode 2 at 54 minutes.

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Our Consumer Research 

Positive feedback from participants of DFS last year isn’t unique to Martin Lewis’s survey results. Last year, we surveyed over 23,000 participants and found that 89% of respondents were satisfied with their experience and 83% would participate again.

Survey respondents most commonly cited satisfaction from managing the challenge (42%), rewards earned (39%), and being part of a national collective effort (38%) as the main benefits they experienced from participating in the Demand Flexibility Service.

Our research

But it’s not just for homes

Businesses with a smart meter or half-hourly metering can also sign up to take part in DFS this winter. DFS events can provide businesses the opportunity to reduce their expenditure and increase their carbon footprint. Last year, we spoke to several businesses that had taken part in the scheme to understand their experience. One business was able to earn £1,726 in one event through CUB UK’s Reduction Reward Scheme. Another manufacturing business ended their manufacturing hours of operation early to reduce their power consumption. They found that staff were happy to have a shorter workday and simply did more of the manufacturing faster and earlier, so there was no loss in productivity. 

Businesses benefitting from DFS

How to get involved

At home or work – If you have a smart meter that takes half-hourly metering at home or in your business, you’ll be able to sign up via either your energy supplier or online providers/apps who are participating in the service. Read our consumer guide to find out more. You can also see if your domestic or industrial and commercial energy supplier is signed up here.

Want to become a registered provider? Visit our website to see our quick guide to getting set up. Electricity suppliers, aggregators and businesses who directly contract with us will receive a guaranteed acceptance price of £3/kWh for at least six of the twelve test events scheduled this winter.