Decarbonising the global energy sector through international collaboration

The ESO is proud to support the Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute with the creation of their new centre, focused on helping society transition towards 100% renewable energy for power grids.

We believe that the Global Electric Power Innovation for a Carbon-free Society (EPICS) Centre will be crucial in helping address energy system operational and planning challenges and that research and the transfer of technology are critical to enable an efficient and reliable clean-energy transition of the power system.

As we transition towards zero-carbon operations, we want to ensure we have a robust pipeline of next-generation workforce, capable of operating the power grids of the future, while enhancing participation of under-represented groups in the clean-energy sector. 

The Global EPICS Centre will help form that bridge between the global academic community and power grid stakeholders in both maturing research concepts for practical application and supplying a diverse cohort of talent well positioned to leverage these concepts in practice.

To support the development of these talent groups, and share our knowledge, we’ll be welcoming a dedicated researcher from Imperial College, alongside student interns, into our Wokingham operations to learn from our technical experts.

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