GC0160 - Grid Code Changes for BSC Mod P448: "Protecting Generators subject to Firm Load Shedding during a Gas Supply Emergency from excessive Imbalance Charges"

The BSC Modification proposes to address the risk of Generators in GB being prevented from generating this winter (due to Firm Load Shedding during a Gas Supply Emergency) by allowing such Firm Load Shedding instructions to be settled as Bids. As a result, and in order to ensure consistency between the BSC and the Grid Code, this Modification seeks to ensure that the actions of the affected party in terms of Physical Notifications are aligned. For more information on the BSC modification P448 please click here.

Modification status:
Concluded - Awaiting Implementation
Last updated:
20 March 2024

Code Administrator Contact: Milly Lewis - [email protected] 

Governance Route:  Urgent modification to proceed under a timetable agreed by the Authority (with an Authority decision)  

Impacts High impact on Generators and a Medium impact on National Grid ES

Implemented: 7 December 2022

Code modification proposed by:
Garth Graham