GC0137: Minimum Specification Required for Provision of GB Grid Forming (GBGF) Capability (formerly Virtual Synchronous Machine/VSM Capability)

This modification proposes to add a non-mandatory technical specification to the Grid Code, relating to GB Grid Forming Capability (which was formerly referred to as a Virtual Synchronous Machine (“VSM”) capability. The detail pertaining to its creation may be found in Section 3 “Why Change?” but the high-level overview is that the specification will enable parties to offer an additional grid stability service. This will be fundamental to ensuring future Grid Stability, facilitating the target of zero carbon System operation by 2025 and providing the opportunity to take part in a commercial market or become part of other market arrangements such as the stability pathfinder work and/or dynamic containment.

Modification status:
Concluded - Concluded
Last updated:
20 March 2024

Code Administrator Contact: Nisar Ahmed - [email protected]

Governance Route: Standard Governance


High:  National Grid ESO

Medium: Generators Interconnectors and other Providers

Implemented: 14 February 2022

Code modification proposed by:
Antony Johnson