CMP428: User Commitment liabilities for Onshore Transmission (reinforcement) in the Holistic Network Design

The Authority has designated certain circuits within the Holistic Network Design (HND) to be onshore transmission (reinforcement). This modification aims to define the User Commitment liabilities for Generators connected via onshore transmission (reinforcement) within the HND. This is to ensure that the purpose and function of circuits classified as onshore transmission (reinforcement) are considered when determining which Users are responsible for the associated liabilities.

Modification status:
Current - Pending Decision
Last updated:
26 April 2024

Code Administrator Contact:  Lizzie Timmins / Claire Goult - [email protected] / [email protected]

Proposed Governance Route: Urgent modification proceeding under a timetable approved by the Authority

Impacts: Medium impact on National Grid ESO and Offshore Generators

Code modification proposed by:
Nitin Prajapati