CMP314: Updating the CUSC to align Power Available with the Grid Code definition for Power Park Modules

To align the CUSC with the Grid Code on the use of Power Available in ESO headroom calculations for Power Park Modules.The definition of Maximum Export Limit (MEL) was changed in the Grid Code for Power Park Modules under GC0063 to be registered capacity less unavailable units and the Power Available signal introduced to replace MEL in ESO headroom calculations. This has not been reflected in the CUSC, which uses MEL in the De-load calculation

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 2 September 2020

Code Administrator Contact: [email protected]

Governance Route: Self Governance 


* Low: Positive impact for Power Park Modules – e.g. intermittent generators. It helps enable participation in MFR (Mandatory Frequency Responses) in a way that is equitable to controllable generation types.

Implemented: 01 April 2020


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