CMP299: Consequential changes to the CUSC to facilitate the 2018-2021 ESO Incentive Scheme

The aim of this modification is to update the CUSC (Section 14.30 onwards), in line with the new Electricity System Operator (ESO) Incentive Scheme which is detailed within National Grid’s Licence. Changes have been approved and when implemented, they will be effective from on the 1 April 2018.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 22 January 2021

Code Administrator Contact: Joseph Henry - [email protected]

Governance Route: Urgent 


* High: National Grid ESO and all BSUoS payers are impacted, as this is a fundamental change to how the incentive scheme payment is calculated which feeds into BSUoS charges.

* Low: Other CUSC parties

Implementation: 23 August 2018