CMP298: Updating the Statement of Works process to facilitate aggregated assessment of relevant and collectively relevant embedded generation

The current Statement of Works process can be inefficient and time-consuming where there are concurrent multiple  applications.   Network Operators have for a number of years trialled and refined a more efficient aggregated assessment (widely known as the “Appendix G” process) of Distributed Generators (DG) that have or may have an impact on the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). CMP298 seeks to introduce this process into the CUSC, which will sit alongside the current Statement of Works process.

Modification status: Current - Pending Decision

Last updated: 6 April 2022

Code Administrator Contact: Paul Mullen - [email protected]

Governance Route: Standard 

Impacts: Medium impact on Distribution Network Operators, Transmission Owners, Embedded Generators and ESO



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