CAP041 - Withdrawal of Amendment Proposals

This proposal seeks to clarify the process of withdrawal of Amendment Proposals contained in Paragraph 8.15.8 of the CUSC.

Amendment of Part (b) of Paragraph 8.15.8 reiterates that in order for another CUSC Party to replace the original Proposer following notification of withdrawal, notice “of support” must be received by the Amendments Panel.

Part (c) of Paragraph 8.15.8 is amended to clarify that an Amendment Proposal should be marked as withdrawn on the Amendment Register if no notice is received from other CUSC Parties to support the Amendment Proposal.

Part (d) of Paragraph 8.15.8 is removed completely to clarify that an Amendment Proposal may be withdrawn at any time.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 13 May 2020



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