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We work with academic and industry partners to co-create and deliver innovation projects that will help us to operate the electricity transmission system more effectively in the future. If you have an idea for a collaborative innovation project, then we want to hear from you.

Learn about how we work

We’ve put together some materials to help you understand how we work and how you can get involved. Here you’ll find a video and an overview of our innovation cycle, taken from our Innovate with the System Operator document.

Innovation cycle infographic

Ways to get involved

Here are some useful resources to help you collaborate with us and get involved.


Collaboration Guide

Our Collaboration Guide outlines how we work with industry and academia to develop and deliver innovation projects through an ‘open innovation’ approach.


Innovation Events

The innovation team organises and participates in events throughout the year that are driven by collaboration. Find out what's happening next and don’t miss out.


Submit an idea

We want to hear from you. Get in touch and share your innovative idea with us.


Email the team

If you want to reach out to the ESO Innovation Team, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch.


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Sharing our data for NIA and NIC projects

Following the latest NIA and NIC governance, published by Ofgem, we are required to make available certain network and consumption data that we gather in the course of an NIC or NIA funded project.

The purpose of this data sharing policy is to be clear about how interested parties can request this data and the terms on which we will make it available.

This policy does not apply to network and consumption data that is commercially confidential or sensitive.

In line with the dissemination requirements of the NIC/NIA governance framework, we already publish much of the data arising from our NIC/NIA projects. We suggest you check the Smarter Networks Portal website before making an application under this policy, because the data you are looking for may already have been published.