Contract Volume 2021-07-13 v2

Index-Linked Contract Volume update 2021.07.13, SPLN-1

Data Explorer

Data Explorer

Table Information


Title Contract date and time (UTC)
Type datetime
Description Contract date and time, UTC format
Comment N/A
Example 2021-07-15T00:00:00
Unit UTC ISO 8601


Title Settlement Period
Type integer
Description Half hour settlement period
Comment Half hour settlement period from 1 - 48
Example 1
Unit N/A

Unit ID

Title Unit ID
Type string
Description ID of the BMU
Comment ID of Balancing Mechanism Unit
Example SPLN-1 for Spalding
Unit N/A

Strike Price (£/MWh)

Title Strike price
Type integer
Description Strike price of contract
Comment N/A
Example 51.8
Unit £/MWh

Volume Indexed (MW)

Title Volume Indexed
Type integer
Description Contract volume
Comment N/A
Example 110
Unit MW