FES – Whole System & Gas Supply - Emissions Data table (WS2)

The Future Energy Scenarios (FES) represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target. One of the FES outputs is an agreed set of data tables containing the GB FES values for emissions from whole system and gas supply which are included in this dataset.

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Whole System & Gas Supply - Emissions (WS2) 2023 CSV 11 months ago Download (CSV) view

Additional Information

Field Value
Date Created July 7, 2023 at 2:17 PM (UTC+00:00)
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update frequency Annually

cURL integration


# Get a list of dataset's resources

curl -L -s https://api.nationalgrideso.com/api/3/action/datapackage_show?id=fes-whole-system-gas-supply-emissions-data-table-ws2 | grep path

# Get resources

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/dataset/cd6e42b0-13de-4f2a-bd0d-08e31bdde67f/resource/5f8f7293-4894-40c5-8f5c-e096b19e8198/download/fes2023_ws2_v001.csv

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