ElecLink - NGESO's Net Transfer Capacity

These are the values submitted by NGESO to the interconnector capacity calculation processes which restrict the maximum GB import and export interconnector flows. The values are submitted in MW per hourly time period.

NOTE: Final interconnector capacity is calculated using these NGESO values, values from the connected SO and the interconnector capability. Therefore, the interconnector’s final capacity value may be lower than the NGESO values shown here. The final values can be found on each interconnector’s trading facilitator’s website. Values will only be published where a restriction has been applied by NGESO. If there are no values, NGESO has not applied a restriction.

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166 Data Files

Last Changed
Name Format Last Changed Sort ascending Download Explore
ElecLink-Intraday1-20240304-002 CSV 10 hours ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-DayAhead-20240304-001 CSV 1 day ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-DayAhead-20240303-001 CSV 2 days ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-Intraday1-20240229-002 CSV 4 days ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-DayAhead-20240229-001 CSV 5 days ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-Intraday1-20240228-001 CSV 6 days ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-Intraday1-20240227-001 CSV 1 week ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-Intraday1-20240225-001 CSV 1 week ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-DayAhead-20240224-001 CSV 1 week ago Download (CSV) view
ElecLink-DayAhead-20240223-001 CSV 1 week ago Download (CSV) view

Additional Information

Field Value
Date Created September 30, 2022 at 8:13 AM (UTC+00:00)
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update frequency Daily

cURL integration


# Get a list of dataset's resources

curl -L -s https://api.nationalgrideso.com/api/3/action/datapackage_show?id=eleclink | grep path

# Get resources

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/eb5913bb-0241-4975-b9d1-b7cdeed1b36b

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/b1ab12ef-68a9-45c1-8030-4ce0783bb05c

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/67c9d10c-9f4c-49fb-a386-88cf5ae4a338

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/a6ba97f1-7124-4d70-82ad-b7d2db7fa887

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/d81b7413-3624-441e-b4bc-f78aa5632f33

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/568ff59c-6a5e-44fe-a5a7-874d2f2b5256

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/5bd3eda7-8c86-4395-935b-9d9b639e9e6d

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/c3e20c8b-359e-4faa-9067-b0efc9fe494f

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/763142dc-e953-4684-aaa5-6f3f8c3a7661

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/c3e6ed22-2612-4541-856a-87dd9f72acfa

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