EAC mock auction results

Mock auction results will be available only for a temporary period.
These are a set of auction results views which present the outcome of the weekly mock EAC auction runs. Results are updated once weekly and divided into the four datasets shown.
Live EAC results will be available on a new page called “EAC auction results.
Updates from live EAC will be daily on successful conclusion of each daily auction run.
Namely: Results by Unit, Buy Orders, Sell Orders and Results Summary.
Mock Auction Results scheduled to upload on the below dates:
27 September 2023 by 15:00 BST
4 October 2023 by 15:00 BST
11 October 2023 by 15:00 BST

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4 Data Files

Last Changed
Name Format Last Changed Sort ascending Download Explore
EAC ESO Mock Buy Orders 2023-2024 CSV 4 weeks ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Results By Unit 2023-2024 CSV 4 weeks ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Results Summary 2023 - 2024 CSV 4 weeks ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Sell Orders 2023-2024 CSV 4 weeks ago Download (CSV) view

Additional Information

Field Value
Date Created September 19, 2023 at 1:33 PM (UTC+00:00)
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update Frequency Weekly

cURL integration


# Get a list of dataset's resources

curl -L -s https://api.nationalgrideso.com/api/3/action/datapackage_show?id=eac-mock-auction-results | grep path

# Get resources

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/700a73ff-38e9-45ff-a674-085bcbfc9faf

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/955cf89f-232e-4b9c-8414-6351080f49fa

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/454216d8-61f3-40b6-b787-4dff035ce3c3

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/3b18345a-1933-44d7-abd9-062a2e695ccd

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