EAC Mock Auction Results

MOCK AUCTION RESULTS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A TEMPORARY PERIOD. A set of auction results views which present the outcome of the weekly mock EAC auction runs. Results are updated once weekly and divided into the 4 downloadable resultsets shown. Live EAC results will be available on a new page called “EAC Auction Results” once the platform has cutover. Updates from live EAC will be daily on successful conclusion of each daily auction run. Namely: Results by Unit, Buy Orders, Sell Orders and Results Summary.

Mock Auction Results scheduled to upload on the below dates:

27 September 2023 by 15:00 BST

4 October 2023 by 15:00 BST

11 October 2023 by 15:00 BST

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4 Data Files

Last Changed
Name Format Last Changed Sort ascending Download Explore
EAC ESO Mock Sell Orders 2023-2024 CSV 1 month ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Results Summary 2023 - 2024 CSV 1 month ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Buy Orders 2023-2024 CSV 1 month ago Download (CSV) view
EAC ESO Mock Results By Unit 2023-2024 CSV 1 month ago Download (CSV) view

Additional Information

Field Value
Date Created September 19, 2023 at 1:33 PM (UTC+00:00)
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update Frequency Weekly

cURL integration


# Get a list of dataset's resources

curl -L -s https://api.nationalgrideso.com/api/3/action/datapackage_show?id=eac-mock-auction-results | grep path

# Get resources

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/3b18345a-1933-44d7-abd9-062a2e695ccd

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/454216d8-61f3-40b6-b787-4dff035ce3c3

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/700a73ff-38e9-45ff-a674-085bcbfc9faf

curl -L https://api.nationalgrideso.com/datastore/dump/955cf89f-232e-4b9c-8414-6351080f49fa

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