Disaggregated BSAD 2024-25

This is the data for financial year 2024-25.

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Table Information


Title Date of balancing service adjustments
Type timestamp
Description Date at which balancing service adjustments occurred. Given in (Coordinated Universal Time) UTC or UTC+1 during British Summer Time.
Comment N/A
Example 2019-01-04T00:00:00
Unit N/A


Title Settlement Period
Type int
Description The half hourly period at which balancing service adjustments occurred. Settlement period 1 runs from 00:00-00:30.
Comment N/A
Example 1
Unit N/A


Title Disaggregated BSAD Cost
Type float
Description The cost associated with the volume in the previous column.
Comment N/A
Example 3.36
Unit £


Title Disaggregated BSAD Volume
Type float
Description The volume of balancing service adjustments – calculated by multiplying the MW volume by 0.5 (as given for a half hour settlement period).
Comment N/A
Example 120.00
Unit MWh


Title Trade Flag
Type text
Description A flag to denote whether the adjustment was taken due to a system issue such as a constraint, or an energy issue (balancing supply and demand).
Comment T = System and F = Energy
Example F
Unit N/A