Demand Flexibility Service: Live Events

Winter 2022/23 Data

The Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) has been developed to allow the ESO to access additional flexibility when the national demand is at its highest – during peak winter days – which is not currently accessible to the ESO in real time. This new innovative service will allow consumers, as well as some industrial and commercial users (through suppliers/aggregators), to be incentivised for voluntarily flexing the time when they use their electricity.

This dataset will contain updates regarding the use of the live service (not test events), to view data on test events please visit the following dataset:

Text message/SMS alerts are available for this dataset, to register for this service please follow the guidance provided here:

This dataset will contain the following files:

  • Utilisation Report Summary - LIVE: This file will provide a summary of the utilisation report, it will be updated at around 16:30 GMT (only on days where there was a published requirement).

  • DFS Utilisation Report - LIVE: This file will provide details of accepted and rejected bids for DFS and includes a breakdown by GSP, it will be updated at around 16:30 GMT (only on days where there was a published requirement) and at around 10:00 GMT on the day the service is required

  • Service Update Industry Notifications - LIVE: This file will provide notice of live service updates related to the publication of requirements

  • DFS Service Requirement - LIVE: This file will contain details of live service requirements.

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4 Data Files

Last Changed
Name Format Last Changed Sort ascending Download Explore
Utilisation Report Summary - LIVE CSV 10 months ago Download (CSV) view
Service Update Industry Notifications - LIVE CSV 11 months ago Download (CSV) view
DFS Utilisation Report - LIVE CSV 1 year ago Download (CSV) view
DFS Service Requirement - LIVE CSV 1 year ago Download (CSV) view

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Date Created November 8, 2022 at 4:18 PM (UTC+00:00)
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