Daily BSUoS Forecast 2019-20

The Electricity System Operator (ESO) publishes historic and future Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charge forecast for the financial year.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer

Table Information


Title Date
Type date
Description Date for historic outurn and day ahead forecast. Given in (Coordinated Universal Time) UTC or UTC+1 during British Summer Time.
Example 01-Apr-19


Title Settlement Period
Type integer
Description The half hourly period at which balancing service use of system occurred. Settlement period 1 runs from 00:00-00:30.
Comment On the first day of BST when clock change happens there will be 46 half hours (SP's) in the day. Similarly the first day of GMT will have 50 half hours as the clock goes back 1 hour at 2am.
Example 15
Unit Number


Title Balancing Service Use of System / megawatt hour
Type number
Description Balancing Service Use of System, price in megawatt hour per settlement period. 
Example 2.19
Unit £/MWh

Half hourly cost £

Title Half hourly cost
Type integer
Description Half hourly cost to balance the system per settlement hour.
Example 44296
Unit £

Half hourly volume MWh

Title Half hourly volume Megawatt hour
Type integer
Description Volume in megawatt hour per settlement period.
Example 23253
Unit MWh