Balancing Service Contract Enactment 21-22 (Pre June 2021)

The data shows the balancing service contract that have been enacted by the trading team. The volume and price is related to the enactment decision, there might be other payment term in the contact if there is no impact on to the enactment decision, they won't be shown. (i.e. availability payment).

This data will assist market participant to gain better visibility to the balancing service contract enactment. We are also working closely with our counterparties to make more balancing service contract available.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer

Table Information


Title Record
Type text
Description Identifier for the contract enactment action.
Comment Format is given as YYYY_MM_DD-XX, where xx is the sequencial number for the day.
Example 2020_12_16-1
Unit N/A


Title Counterparty
Type string
Description Counterparty name.
Comment Counterparty who we hold the contract rights with.
Example Sgurrenergy
Unit N/A


Title Unit
Type string
Description Name of the unit or units
Comment Some units don't have equivalent BMU name, we will try our best to make it as clear as possible
Example Hydros
Unit N/A

Start Time

Title Start Time
Type datetime
Description Start date time of a given contract enactment
Comment N/A
Example 2020-12-10T23:00:00
Unit N/A

End Time

Title End Time
Type datetime
Description End date time of a given contract enactment.
Comment N/A
Example 2020-11-26T08:00:00
Unit N/A


Title Volume
Type number
Description Average volume of the contract.
Comment Positive volume indicating more active power output to grid, negative volume shows less power output
Example -5.4
Unit MW


Title Price
Type number
Description Price of the contract enactment action.
Comment Negative price indicates National Grid ESO paying for the services
Example -100
Unit £/MWh


Title Notes
Type string
Description Additional information to the contract enactement action.
Comment Normally indicates what the contract enactement is for, also with some other details
Example Constraints; Reactive
Unit N/A

Last Updated

Title Last Updated
Type datetime
Description The date and time of when the data was last updated.
Comment N/A
Example 2020-11-26T06:00:00
Unit N/A