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We make sure that Great Britain has the essential energy it needs by ensuring supply meets demand every second of every day. Find out more about what we do and how we keep the lights on for Great Britain.

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Net Zero Market Reform update

We’re planning an electricity system that runs on zero carbon energy 100% of the time by 2035. Our update identifies the key challenges for markets to address on the road to net zero and sets out our framework for assessing market design alternatives.

Net Zero Market Reform update
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Introducing our new Carbon Intensity Dashboard

By 2035 we expect GB's electricity system will be running 100% zero carbon, 100% of the time.

View our decarbonisation progress now
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Electricity Explained - November snapshot

Ever wonder how much electricity is generated and used in Great Britain?

Each month, we look at how much of Great Britain's electricity generation came from sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

Find out what happened in November

Blessing Shumba

Blessing Shumba - a sustainable whole energy future

Blessing Shumba works as an assistant National Scheduling Engineer (aNSE) in our Control Room. He manages scheduling of our energy to make sure our electricity is reliable and also economical.


Putting Consumers First

Find out how James Kerr and his team are working to ensure that we put consumers first as we move towards net zero.


Decarbonisation - the next industrial revolution

As we move closer to the COP26 summit in November, we spoke to Matt Magill about how he is helping us towards net zero

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Innovating for Britain’s electricity system of the future

We've published our innovation annual summary, sharing insight into some of our key collaborative projects with industry.

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Future Energy Scenarios report 2021

Based on extensive stakeholder engagement, research and modelling, FES 2021 describes what the future of energy may look like between now and 2050.

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Road to Zero Carbon report

From coal to clean – National Grid ESO are on a journey to zero carbon.

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Winter Outlook 2021/22

Each year we publish the Winter Outlook to set out the operational challenges we expect to manage over the winter period.

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Electricity and me

Does boiling the kettle really sap electricity, and are energy saving light bulbs that much better than their conventional cousins?