The ESO's Stakeholder Groups

We’re passionate about transparency. That’s why we’ve established a number of stakeholder groups. Each group has an external chair, and members are selected from both inside and outside the energy sector, to ensure a wide range of interests are considered.

In addition to transparency, these groups provide a number of benefits to us and to the industry. These include customer and stakeholder feedback, as well as allowing us to gain expert advice on the engineering decisions we take; both on a day to day basis, and as we innovate towards net zero in 2050.

Technology reflecting

ESO Technology Advisory Council (TAC)

The role of the TAC is to help guide the ESO’s digital, data and technological transformation. It will ensure we work with the industry on the development of new systems, and provide transparency and accountability for their development.

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ESO RIIO-2 Stakeholder Group (ERSG)

ERSG was established to make sure our stakeholders and consumers have a formal voice as we develop our future RIIO business plans.

Its members represent a wide cross-section of the energy industry, from larger and smaller generators, network companies, energy suppliers and consumer bodies. Their role is to scrutinise and challenge our proposals, ensure stakeholder priorities are reflected in our ambitions to drive value for our consumers, and meet our net zero targets.

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ESO Networks Stakeholder Group (ENSG)

The ENSG’s role is to help ensure that the ESO develops fair and transparent early competition and offshore coordination proposals that incorporate and balance feedback from affected stakeholders.

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