The energy transition must be affordable, and the ESO Markets team is making sure that GB will achieve a fair, reliable energy future for all.

The ESO has a unique role in the development of market arrangements, from driving reforms across balancing markets to engaging industry to participate in the evolving markets of tomorrow. We aim to design market arrangements that facilitate security of supply at the lowest sustainable cost for consumers while enabling the transition to net zero.

Whether you’re interested in the innovation underway in the ESO Markets team or are looking to brush up on market fundamentals, you’ve come to the right place. 


The role of the ESO Markets team

From encouraging competition today to broadening market participation for tomorrow, learn about the breadth of work underway.

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Electricity markets explained

What exactly are electricity markets, and how do they fit into GB’s decarbonisation goals? Deep dive into the fundamentals here.

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Markets publications and projects

Each year, the ESO publishes a range of market analysis and reports. We also have several workstreams dedicated to market topics.

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