Since the start of RIIO-2 in April 2021, we have been evolving to meet the changing needs of the energy industry. And we are on track to make sure that the electricity system can support 100% zero carbon power as soon as 2025.

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What is BP2?

We have now published our final second Business Plan (BP2) for the RIIO-2 period: ‘Accelerating the transition to a flexible, low carbon energy system’. BP2 sets out our goals for years three and four of RIIO-2 (2023-2025) as we respond to the rapidly changing external environment. The plan includes five new activities and 16 new sub-activities to accelerate the transition to net zero.

Our mission is to drive the transformation to a fully decarbonised electricity system by 2035 which is reliable, affordable and fair for all. We believe that the activities outlined in our plan support this mission and deliver value for customers and consumers, delivering net benefits of around £2.8 billion.

At the end of November 2022, Ofgem released their BP2 Draft Determinations giving their initial view of, and position on, our business plan.

As Ofgem published their BP2 Draft Determinations, they also launched an accompanying consultation, which we’ve responded to. Below, you can find the links to the Executive Summary, our full consultation response and the supplementary information annex, which we submitted alongside our response:

As a result of Ofgem’s feedback, we have also updated our Delivery Schedule – the latest version can be found further down this page.

We have engaged with the ERSG (our independent stakeholder group) throughout the development of our BP2. You can read their report on our final plan.

What is RIIO-2?

RIIO-2 runs from April 2021 onwards and sets out price controls to determine the amount we can earn for the projects we deliver and the services we provide. It is the second price control under Ofgem's RIIO performance model. This price control makes sure that we are delivering for consumers. RIIO stands for Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs.

It is our first price control period as a legally separate ESO and covers our plans for a five-year period - 2021 to 2026. It provides an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate how we can be more transparent, agile and innovative to enable the transition to a sustainable energy future.

The five-year period is designed with two-year planning cycles, recognising that the energy sector is experiencing an unprecedented level of change and that our plans need to remain flexible and agile in the face of substantial uncertainty. 

RIIO-2 publications

Our final BP2 Delivery Plan 2023-2025

BP2 is a full refresh of our RIIO-2 plans and sets out detailed proposals for years three and four of the original five-year framework, i.e. April 2023 – March 2025.

Executive Summary

No time? Download the executive summary of BP2.

Supporting documents

Annex 1- Supporting Information

Includes delivery roadmaps, an overview of how our Business Plan content has changed, and more detail on our activities since BP1.

Annex 2 – Cost Benefit Analysis

Sets out the expected consumer benefits of our activities in BP2.

Annex 3 – Stakeholder engagement

A summary of our extensive stakeholder engagement programme and how we have used it to develop our plan.

Annex 4 – Digital, Data and Technology

Technology portfolio overview and breakdown of our latest investments, including costs, approach and solution options.

Annex 5 – Glossary

Definitions of acronyms and phrases used in BP2.

National Grid ESO - RIIO 2 business plan finance report - Businesswoman Using Mobile Phone While Analyzing Data On Desk In Office

What are we planning to deliver?

In RIIO-2 BP2, we are planning to deliver numerous activities against each of the following areas:

  • Role 1 - Control centre operations
  • Role 2 - Market development and transactions
  • Role 3 - System insight, planning and network development

Find out more about these activities and milestones from our Delivery Schedule.

Download the full delivery schedule

BP2 Consultation

Stakeholder responses

From 29 April to 10 June 2022 we asked for stakeholder views of our draft plan. We received 12 written responses from organisations including:

  • The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) ​
  • Country Land & Business Association ​
  • ESO RIIO-2 Stakeholder Group (ERSG)​
  • National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET)​
  • Northern Powergrid ​
  • ESO Performance Panel​
  • Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc (SSEN Transmission)
  • Scottish Power Renewables​
  • Sembcorp Energy (UK) Limited​
  • SP Energy Networks (SPEN)​
  • SSE Group​

The full written responses submitted by stakeholders, can be accessed in this Stakeholder responses document.​


Watch the video presentations by pressing the play icon where available or download the slides using the link below each image.

BP2 Final submission (slides)

In September 2022, we hosted a webinar which presents the changes since our draft BP2 which have been made and introduced into the final submission submitted on 31 August 2022.

BP2 consultation launch (slides)

In May 2022 we hosted a webinar which launched our BP2 consultation and presented an overview of our second business plan, it also included a live Q&A.

BP2 consultation launch (Q&A)

Download the Q&A from the BP2 consultation launch.

Accelerating Whole Electricity Flexibility (slides)

As per stakeholder feedback and interest raised during our BP2 launch webinar, we hosted a webinar In May 2022 discussing Accelerating Whole Electricity Flexibility (previously known as Facilitating Distributed Flexibility).

Accelerating Whole Electricity Flexibility (Q&A)

Download the Q&A from the Accelerating Whole Electricity Flexibility (previously known as Facilitating Distributed Flexibility) webinar.

Consumer webinar

In May 2022 we hosted a webinar about how we can empower consumers to participate in a flexible energy system. We covered off various topic areas of interest, including net zero market reform, consumer flexibility and facilitating distributed flexibility.

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