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Winter Outlook

The Winter Outlook Report presents our view of security of supply for the electricity systems for the winter ahead. 

Outlook publications

We publish our suite of Outlook publications across the year to provide information and transparency to the industry. Alongside this, we are increasingly looking to supplement these publications with more continuous engagement via forums such as the Operational Transparency Forum.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, then please email: [email protected].

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Winter Review and Consultation 2022

Our annual Winter Review and Consultation publication provides a review of last winter’s forecasts compared to what actually happened, and an opportunity for you to share your views on the winter ahead.

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Would you like to contribute to the next Winter Outlook?

If you’re interested in providing insight to our forecasts for winter 2022-23 please take part in our consultation and send your thoughts to [email protected].

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Winter Outlook 2021/22

Each year we publish the Winter Outlook to set out the operational challenges we expect to manage over the winter period.

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Download the data workbook

This report only covers the electricity outlook for the winter ahead; the gas outlook is published separately by National Grid Gas and can be found here.