We are committed to working together with stakeholders and sharing information at regular Markets Forums on how we transition to Markets fit for the future.

We know the energy transition must be affordable and that competition is vital for encouraging innovation and keeping prices as low as possible. We play a central role in developing electricity markets and the way they operate.

We are helping to remove barriers to entry and improve access to electricity markets so that lots of different businesses, small and large, can participate and compete.

On this page, you can find out more about what we’re doing to transform markets and what our plans for the future are.

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Markets Roadmap to 2025

This roadmap sets out our ambitions, principles and process to transform our markets.

It details our vision for response, reserve, thermal, reactive, stability, restoration, the Balancing Mechanism, and the Capacity Market.

Key interactions between different markets are also explored.

Download roadmap

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Markets Forum and Roadmap to 2025 events

Our webinar recordings explain more about what’s in our Markets Roadmap to 2025 and the wider programme of works being undertaken to reform Markets to support Net Zero for 2025 and beyond.

National Grid ESO - Operability Strategy - Solar city

Operability Strategy

Our Operability Strategy explains the challenges we face maintaining and developing our electricity system and how we are addressing them.

National Grid ESO - Market Transformation Strategy - designer hand idea or light bulb

How the markets we manage are evolving

Our Head of Markets Kayte O’Neill explains in her blog why the industry needs to work together to deliver further progress.

National Grid ESO - Markets Transformation Roadmap RIIO - Employees walking to work in the city at sunrise

Our long-term business plan

Our ambitious RIIO-2 business plan, led by stakeholders, sets out the crucial role we will play in the transition to a zero carbon energy system. Find out more.

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Get involved

As the energy landscape evolves, so must we. Our ambition is to work with industry and we intend to regularly update the roadmap based on feedback from our stakeholders.

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