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3. The electricity transmission system
ETYS 2020

3. Electricity Transmission Network

Great Britain's National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) must continue to adapt and be developed so power can be transported from source to demand, reliably and efficiently.

The results on this page will be used in the NOA 2020/21 to present an assessment of the ESO’s recommended reinforcement options to address the potential future NETS boundary needs.

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1. What is the ETYS?

Find out about the ETYS and how this fits with our entire planning process

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2. Network Development Inputs

Here is more information on how we prepare the ETYS

Bridging the gap to Net Zero Wind turbine fields in Cornwall

3. Electricity Transmission System

You can find out about the various regions of the transmission system and their capabilities

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4. Year-round probabilistic analysis

You will find how we are applying year round conditions to assess the capability of the system

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5. Way forward

Find out about how we are going to improve the ETYS and how you can get involved

6. Further information and appendices

Get to the appendices, glossary and other helpful contact information

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