The SPCM aims to enhance our understanding of both the technical capabilities and the commercial factors (investment and operational) for existing and future providers of services, located across the network. 

This greater understanding will enable ESO to reform markets in ways that unlock the potential of future service providers, enabling them to maximise their value to the whole electricity system.

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Project approach

This is a desk-based study with an emphasis on providers experience, led by the ESO with project partners LCPDelta. 

The project will: 

  • Enhance the ESO’s understanding of the technical capabilities of existing and emerging service providers on our networks as we transition towards net zero. 
  • Provide the ESO with the investment and commercial considerations of these service providers. 
  • Identify the ‘pain points’ of these service providers across the assets lifecycle to ensure that where feasible we can reduce these to maximise participation within our markets. 

Reports and dissemination

LCPDelta was commissioned to report their findings, we will publish the report on this webpage.  

Once the project has concluded, we will hold a webinar to showcase the projects key findings. 

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