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How we're performing

Here you can find out about how we’re performing under our business plans and current Forward Plan. We report on our Forward Plan progress on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis. 

How we’re performing under our current business plans

In this section, you will find information on how we are performing against our business plans which have been set under the RIIO-T1 price control period. This covers our annual Regulatory Reporting obligations under Standard Licence condition B15 and our incentive scheme under Licence Condition 4M.

How we’re performing under our Forward Plan 

Our Forward Plan helps you understand what we aim to deliver over the course of a financial year, by setting out our ambitious plan of deliverables.

It also shows the metrics we will use to measure our performance during the year, and how our activities this year fit into the bigger picture of the energy transition.

The Forward Plan sets out the ESO’s activities under three role areas:

  • Control centre operations
  • Market development and transactions
  • System insight, planning and network development

Our performance is measured by how well we have carried out the activities we set out in the Forward Plan.

Ofgem hold two stakeholder events each year to discuss our performance: one in November at the mid-year stage, and one in June at the end-of-year stage.

These events are attended by a wide range of stakeholders, including the Performance Panel which consists of industry representatives, consumer representatives, and independent experts.

Ofgem and the Performance Panel then make an assessment of our performance, which determines the level of incentive reward we receive at the end of the year.

The Ofgem website provides more information about the ESO Forward Plan and incentive scheme, and how to get involved.

How we report on our progress 

We’ve been monitoring our performance and producing reports to show the progress we’ve made on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis.  

For a more current view of our progress, please download the Forward Plan Tracker. We are currently trialling updating this document on a monthly basis.

At the mid-year point and at the end of the year a performance panel evaluates five main areas of the ESO’s performance: 

  1. Evidence of delivered benefits 
  2. Evidence of future benefits/progress against longer-term initiatives 
  3. Stakeholder views 
  4. Plan delivery 
  5. Outturn performance metrics and justifications.

ESO Mid Year Report 2019-20

Our 2019-20 Mid Year Report provides details of our performance against our 2019-21 Forward Plan. These documents provide a transparent and accessible view of our achievements over the first half of this year.

Performance documents 2019-20

Here you can download a range of documents relating to our performance reporting for 2019/20. Simply click on the relevant link below.

Performance documents 2018-19

Here you can download a range of documents relating to our performance reporting for 2018/19. Simply click on the relevant link below.

Past electricity incentive schemes

Here you will find details of past electricity SO incentive scheme development processes, data on our historic performance, and other supporting documents.

Forward Plan

Our annual Forward Plan describes what we’re planning to do to create value for our customers, stakeholders and energy consumers.

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