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Forward Plan

National Grid ESO publishes a Forward Plan each year that describes what we’re planning to do to create value for our customers, stakeholders and energy consumers.

This allows them to hold us to account for delivery and enhances our levels of transparency, engagement and accountability

Our Forward Plan helps you understand what we aim to deliver over the course of a financial year, by setting out our ambitious plan of deliverables.

It also shows the metrics we will use to measure our performance during the year, and how our activities this year fit into the bigger picture of the energy transition.

The Forward Plan sets out our activities under three role areas:

  1. Control centre operations
  2. Market development and transactions
  3. System insight, planning and network development

Our Forward Plan 2020-21 sets out our immediate steps until the start of RIIO-2 to achieve our ambitions.

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Download our Forward Plan

Download the full 2020-21 Forward Plan 

Download Forward Plan 2020-21 

Download the Forward Plan Addendum, which updates our deliverables and metrics taking into account the impact of COVID-19

Download Forward Plan Addendum 

Developed in collaboration with the energy industry

In December 2019 we consulted on a draft Forward Plan for 2020-21. 

It provides an updated set of activities and performance measures for the 2020-21 financial year, and gives our best view of what we will deliver during the year.

Stakeholders have given us feedback on this draft plan.

We've taken on board this feedback and incorporated this into the final version.

Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC)

The Draft plan

Each year, we publish a draft Forward Plan for consultation and feedback.

Download PDF

No time? Read our top-level summary.

Download PDF 

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Want to know how we're doing?

We are currently working to the Forward Plan 2020-21.

The Forward Plan has been set under the RIIO-T1 price control period. 

Find out how we're are performing against it. 

Find out how we're doing

Historical documents

Here you can download previous Forward Plan documents and information that provides more context around our activities.

Forward Plan 2019-21
Forward Plan 2018-19