NOA methodology

The NOA is our recommendation for which reinforcement projects should receive investment during the coming year to facilitate the development of an efficient, coordinated, and economical system of electricity transmission. This must be consistent with the National Electricity Transmission System Security and Quality of Supply Standard (NETS SQSS), as well as the development of efficient interconnection capacity.

The NOA methodology describes how we assess the required levels of network transfer, the options available to meet this requirement and recommends options for further development. The methodology also describes the end to end process from the analysis to the publication of the NOA report and identifies the roles and responsibilities of the Electricity System Operator (ESO) and onshore Transmission Owners (TOs). The holistic network design (HND) and offshore transmission network review (OTNR) are considered in our NOA work.

Learn more about the NOA methodology

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The NOA process

Learn how and why the NOA Process is conducted each year. It includes how we evaluate onshore and offshore reinforcement options.


NOA for interconnectors

See how the NOA Process is conducted for interconnectors.


Suitability for third party delivery and tendering assessment

Learn more about how we apply the competition assessment criteria for NOA options


ESO process for high voltage and stability management

This section covers the NOA Pathfinder voltage and stability assessments.


Early development of options and Interested Person’s process 

Read how we increase the diversity of options considered by collaborating the use of the early development of options and IP process.


Network Options Assessment (NOA)

The NOA publication and associated information are available here.

Latest news and updates

NOA 2021/22 methodology submitted to Ofgem

We have finished our review of the NOA 2021/22 methodology and submitted it to Ofgem on Thursday 29 July. Thank you to those who provided feedback.

NOA 2021/22 methodology consultation now started

We have opened the consultation for our NOA 2021/22 methodology. It will close on Tuesday 22 June 2021.

UoM review of the NOA Process - Economic Aspects

In 2020 the University of Melbourne reviewed the NOA Process as part of an innovation project. Download their report on the economic aspects.

UoM review of the NOA Process - Technical Aspects

In 2020 the University of Melbourne reviewed the NOA Process as part of an innovation project. Download their report on the technical aspects.

Our NOA methodology has been approved

Ofgem have approved this year's NOA methodology and the letter is now available.

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