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National Grid ESO seeking new providers of reactive power in Mersey region

We recently shared our ambition to be able to operate the GB electricity system carbon free by 2025. In order to achieve that goal, we are finding new ways of managing system characteristics like voltage through reactive power services.

Today, Monday 14th October, we have issued a tender for reactive power absorption to solve a high voltage requirement in the Mersey region. The 1 year contract, starting 1st April 2020, is part of a new approach to procuring reactive power including potential new providers 

Reactive power services are how we make sure voltage levels on the system remain within a given range, above or below nominal voltage levels. Keeping the voltage steady requires careful management, a deviation as small as 5% above or below can have knock on impacts across the network, for example increased wear and tear of equipment and additional maintenance costs. We instruct generators or other asset owners to either absorb or generate reactive power. Managing voltage levels comes from maintaining a balance between elements on the system, which either absorb reactive power (decreasing voltage) or generate reactive power (increasing voltage).

This 1-year tender follows the ESO publishing its first RFI for provision of long term reactive power in the Mersey region in May 2019, and confirmation of a longer term tender which is due to be issued later this year.

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