ESO welcomes government direction on Open Networks

Ofgem and BEIS have published a joint letter to the Energy Networks Association (ENA) setting out a clear direction for its Open Networks project. National Grid ESO is a member of the ENA and actively involved in the Open Networks project. The letter has real relevance for us and I want to tell you a bit more about why we are supportive of its content.

Last year we set out our thinking on the benefits of working with others to take a whole system view of the changing energy landscape. These thoughts, informed by stakeholder feedback, allowed us to develop our strategy for whole electricity thinking, and how the development of consistent and co-ordinated flexibility markets could deliver great consumer value. We are pleased that this ethos comes through strongly in the Ofgem / BEIS joint letter.

Since the development of our whole electricity system strategy we have moved forward considerably as an independent electricity system operator. Through the development of our mission and ambitions (particularly to develop competition everywhere and be a trusted partner) we have listened to stakeholders and set out a number of relevant activities in both our Forward Plan and RIIO-2 business plan. Consistent with the helpful direction provided by BEIS and Ofgem this week, we believe that, through working with others, we will deliver tangible results for stakeholders, and significant consumer value.

Nevertheless we recognise there is more that can be done and are reviewing the content of the letter, along with stakeholder feedback on our July business plan submission and our work with the Open Networks project, to inform our strategy and work on whole electricity system. If you would like to provide any feedback please contact me: [email protected].

Andy Wainwright, Business Lead – Whole Electricity System