Energy Intelligence and Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that humans have ever faced. We’re the first generation to fully understand the impact that we’ve had on our climate and the last that can do something about it. This is why James Kelloway, Energy Intelligence Manager, comes to work every day — to help drive change.

In his role as Energy Intelligence Manager, James works with top tier data scientists across the world who use brand-new, cutting-edge AI techniques to make sure that GB’s electricity grid can operate with net zero carbon capability by 2025.

James’ career began very differently to many of the other engineers at National Grid ESO. He programmed his first computer when he was six years old, went on to complete two degrees in Classical Music, and even conducted a symphony orchestra before working in software development. It’s fair to say that he didn’t take the traditional route.

However, it led him to a role where he gets to work with a diverse and talented group of data scientists, developing a number of initiatives that he’s incredibly proud of. One of these is the carbon intensity initiative — a project that measures the amount of carbon that the electricity system is using. 18 months ago, James and his team took this one step further and developed a consumer-friendly app, which is now available for Apple and Android devices. The app was launched from the House of Lords and gives individuals a clear view of the cleanest time to use electricity. 

James was recently profiled by National Grid ESO as part of its video series, celebrating the diverse and talented individuals at National Grid ESO. You can watch his full video here.