Electricity Ten Year Statement 2021 - ETYS

Electricity Ten Year Statement 2021 - ETYS

As we continue the decarbonisation of our system, bringing on more low carbon energy sources than ever before, we need to prepare for everything this entails. 

The ESO’s Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS), published annually, provides our view of how changes to the future system will impact the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) for the next ten years.

What sort of information is contained in the ETYS? 

We share our latest assessment of the future requirements of Great Britain’s electricity transmission system. The report highlights areas where there are uncertain future power flows and network reinforcements are needed. This creates opportunities for other industry participants to get involved by proposing innovative ideas and solutions to help us further develop the electricity transmission system. 

How does it fit with our other publications? 

We use the data from our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) to identify the points on the transmission network where there is going to be network congestion. We determine network transfer capacity in the region and overlay this on the power flows expected over the next 10 years, to identify what reinforcements are needed to deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity to consumers. 

Once we know what the network requirements are, we invite stakeholders to propose solutions that will help us to meet these requirements. These proposals are assessed through our Network Options Assessment (NOA) process, where the most economic and efficient solutions are given a recommendation to proceed, and others told to hold or stop. 

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