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Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme Allt Energy Ltd case study

Charlie Bateman of Allt-Energy Ltd is the Operations & Maintenance Engineer for Keltie Water Hydro Scheme (Drummond Estates).

From wind to solar to combined heat and power, many energy generators need to make a mandatory system change to their assets by 2022. The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) is a funding scheme that helps generators to make this change.

Charlie gave his thoughts and experience on the programme.

When we became aware of ALoMCP, we were initially apprehensive about the cost of carrying out control system modifications and getting to grips with the inevitable paperwork and funding application process.

After reading the ENA guidance documents, it quickly became apparent that the changes are not only necessary but would be of direct benefit to Keltie Hydro by reducing grid faults and tripping events.

The funding application process was relatively straight forward to navigate and complete.

My main advice would be to engage a competent and ‘approved’ G59 engineer early in the process to assist with technical questions and plan the changes in advance in order to make sure the correct level of funding is applied for.

This may be particularly important for older systems where one or more relays might have to be replaced.The level of funding appears reasonable and for Keltie Hydro was sufficient to cover the cost of the changes required.

On completion of the works (and submission of the Proforma and test reports) Keltie Hydro was selected by SSE for a post settings/relay change audit.

Again this was a relatively painless exercise, helped by SSE’s willingness to carry out a ‘virtual’ site visit via video link to inspect the changes.

Check out the ENA website to find out more and apply