LIO for EIC codes

The Energy Identification Coding scheme (EIC) provides a unique identification of the market participants and other entities active within the Energy Internal European Market (IEM). It is widely used in the Electronic Document Interchange (EDI). The EIC is only a code scheme and it is not a right or authorisation to trade energy. We are the electricity Local Issuing Office (LIO) for Great Britain and are authorised to issue International EIC Codes. Xoserve has ownership of the gas LIO for Great Britain.  

To view the full list of EIC codes issued by us please download the Public GB EIC Library spreadsheet. Any published codes not starting with 48 are issued by other LIOs and are included for reference purposes only, as they are not actively maintained or updated by us.

You can find a list of LIOs on the ENTSO-E website. For gas EIC code requests, please follow the link on the Xoserve LIO website.

Allocation of an EIC code

All codes issued are now international

  1. You can submit requests for registration of new codes, modification or deactivation of existing EIC codes using the request form below. 
  2. We will process and validate the request form and allocate your EIC code. You will receive notification of your new code via email.
  3. The new code will be published on this website, and the CIO website.


The objective of this page is to allow persons involved in the energy market to get information on the Energy Identification Code (EIC) necessary to carry out electronic data interchange (EDI). In no event shall National Grid be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of any use of the information obtained using this site. In particular, VAT codes are only provided for information purposes and it is the responsibility of the party to assess the validity using, for example, the Taxations and Customs Union website. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the information provided to National Grid by the Market Participants requesting the codes is correct and error-free.