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Winter Review and Consultation

We recommend viewing the 2019 Winter Review and Consultation using Google Chrome.

The Winter Review and Consultation presents our view of the supply and demand of both gas and electricity last winter compared to our 2018 Winter Outlook Report. The publication also seeks your views on the electricity and gas supply and demand for the winter ahead. 

For further details on the consultation see below.

Winter Review and Consultation 2019

The Winter Review and Consultation is one of our suite of insights documents designed to support the industry by providing useful data and inform future industry planning. 

The document is supported by a data workbook and is also available as a print ready version.

The response deadline has now passed and we can't confirm that any late responses will be fully considered in the 2019 Winter Outlook Report but we are always open to feedback.

We are grateful for your views on the electricity and gas supply and demand for the winter ahead. The responses we have received provide us with valuable insight and are essential to the development of the 2019 Winter Outlook Report which will be published in October.

Contact us by email: [email protected]

Download the Winter Review and Consultation

Winter Outlook Report

Our 2018/19 Winter Outlook Report was published on 11 October 2018. The report presented our view of security of supply for the electricity and gas systems for the winter ahead.

Each year our outlook reports evolve to reflect our stakeholders’ feedback as we endeavour to provide more useful information for you. This year, in response to your feedback, we included a number of spotlights for both gas and electricity. We also included the headline numbers at the beginning of the document for ease of reference. In response to the consultation, a data workbook accompanied the report.