We are a separate company

On 1 April the Electricity System Operator became a legally separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change means.

Winter Outlook

This report draws together our analysis of the supply and demand of both gas and electricity for winter 2018-19, along with our initial view of the winter ahead. You can also find past issues of this report here.

Winter Outlook Report

Our 2018/19 Winter Outlook Report was published on 11 October. The report presents our view of security of supply for the electricity and gas systems for the coming winter.

Each year our outlook reports evolve to reflect our stakeholders’ feedback as we endeavour to provide more useful information for you. This year, in response to your feedback, we’ve included a number of spotlights for both gas and electricity. We’ve included the headline numbers at the beginning of the document for ease of reference. In response to this year’s consultation, this data workbook accompanies the report. We hope you find this year’s report informative.

We look forward to hearing your views on the report. You can let us know what you think on Twitter using #NGWinterOutlook, by joining our LinkedIn Future of Energy page or by emailing us at [email protected] . You can also speak to us throughout the year at one of our industry events.

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Download the Winter Outlook Report

Review and Consultation

The publication seeks your views on the electricity and gas supply and demand for the winter ahead. The responses we receive provide us with valuable insight and are essential to the development of the Winter Outlook Report.

The feedback we receive will underpin our analysis for winter 2018-19 and help us to provide a well-informed outlook to the industry when we publish the report in October.

Please share your views on winter 2018-19 before the consultation closes on 19 July. You can email your responses to us at [email protected] or complete the survey online.