Future Energy Scenarios (FES)

We are in the midst of an energy revolution. The economic landscape, developments in technology, evolving business models and consumer behaviour are changing at an unprecedented rate creating more opportunities than ever for our industry.

Future energy scenarios

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  • Better understand the future usage of energy

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Leading the energy revolution

We have an important role to play in leading the debate on the energy revolution across the industry, and working with our stakeholders to make sure we have a safe, secure and reliable energy future.

Find out about the future energy scenarios and participate in the consultation process. You can contribute to our scenarios to better understand the future usage of energy.

Shaping FES 2020

We have launched Shaping FES 2020, which is an opportunity to help us develop the 2020 Future Energy Scenarios.  As part of Shaping FES 2020, we want your views on the scenarios and modelling for FES 2020. Shaping FES 2020 will be open from Monday 2 September to Friday 27 September 2019. For more information visit our FES website.

Current and past FES documents

Our 2019 Future Energy Scenarios was published on Thursday 11th July. To download any one of the suits of FES documents, please visit our dedicated FES website and click on the FES documents section.