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Keeping the lights on throughout coronavirus

As the world tackles coronavirus, we're working hard to make sure the lights stay on.

Find out how we're protecting our staff and why no one should be concerned about their electricity supply as more of us stay at home.

Keeping electricity flowing throughout the coronavirus outbreak

Millions of people rely on us every day to keep the lights on and since the coronavirus outbreak began we have been working hard to protect our colleagues and continue to deliver safe, secure and reliable electricity.

We have well-developed procedures in place to manage the effects of a pandemic and no one should be concerned about their electricity supply as more of us stay at home.

Please continue to use electricity as you usually would …boil that kettle, tune in to your favourite TV show  …  there are teams of people working 24/7 at National Grid ESO, committed to making sure you can do just that.

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Keeping the lights on

Winter Outlook 2020/21

National Grid ESO – Winter Outlook Report 2020 – Flipped sea with flowlines

Winter Outlook 2020

The Winter Outlook 2020/21 is one of our suite of insights documents designed to support the industry by providing useful data and inform future industry planning.  

The report document is supported by a data workbook available to download here.

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National Grid ESO Control Centre - employee at computer

How we work with the electricity market to balance supply and demand

We make sure the supply of electricity from the market always matches demand. It’s what we call ‘balancing’ the system.

Find out how our Control Room communicates with the electricity market to do this.

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National Grid ESO - Coal fired Power Station

How does the ESO manage low demand?

We make sure demand equals supply 24/7 and if things ever fall out of balance, we will see power cuts.

Find out what we do if too much electricity is coming into our system.

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Lockdown insights

What trends are we seeing in electricity in Great Britain?

Is lockdown changing our TV viewing habits?

We look at the effect the coronavirus lockdown is having on how we watch TV and the electricity grid.

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Colleagues and communities

Profiling our colleagues and the ESO community fund

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National Grid ESO - what we do - light bulbs on a string

What we do

We keep Britain supplied with the electricity it needs by making sure supply and demand are in perfect balance every second of every day.

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National Grid ESO - Electricity Explained - man and child reading under a tent

Electricity Explained

Curious about carbon intensity? Want to be an electric car expert? Learn about some common energy terms at our Electricity Explained hub.

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