These pages contain data and support for users of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). Here you will find the latest operational data, forecasts, and reports.

Balancing data

We maintain the system frequency between 49.5Hz and 50.5Hz, although normal operating limits of 49.8Hz to 50.2Hz normally apply.

We also provide real-time demand data for the last 60 minutes.

View the demand data


System Performance Reports

Our monthly and annual system performance reports are now available to download and indicates system incidents and loss of load/generation on transmission and/or distribution network.

Balancing services performance monitoring report

We have robust processes in place to monitor balancing services performance and hold balancing providers to account against contractual delivery commitments.

GB Electricity System Operator Daily Reports

On this page, you will find reports that we publish relating to the status of the NETS.

System balancing reports

Reports we publish relating to the commercial operation of the electricity transmission system, including MBSS and other services reports.

Power Available

The live Power Available (PA) data highlights the potential maximum power output of a renewable generator at a given time and in given conditions.

Data and forecasts

Forecast volumes and costs

Breakdown of operating margin (OPMR) based on forecast volume of reserve, frequency response required, annual weighting factors for STOR contracts, and BSUoS charges.

Data finder and explorer

Explore cost and volume forecasts and outcomes relating to balancing services, reserve, and response.

Balancing and settlement arrangements

You can find operational data relating to balancing and settlement arrangements on the BM Reports website, via ELEXON. You can use this website to make trading decisions and understand market dynamics by accessing current and historic data.

Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC)

You can find operational Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) data in the ELEXON Portal.

Balancing services adjustment data (BSAD)

Go to our portal for aggregated and disaggregated BSAD.