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After you have connected

If you are already connected to the system, you may want or need to modify, disconnect, or manage your connection. On this page you will find out how to modify a connection, how to disconnect, and details of the compensation process for loss of access.

Compensation for loss of transmission access

CUSC Modification Proposal 212 introduced a new process, where customers connected to the system who have lost access to the NETS can make a claim for compensation within 30 calendar days of such an incident taking place. Please refer to these documents for further guidance on the process and to submit a claim for compensation:

Download the Compensation Guidance Notes document

Download the Compensation Claim Form document

Modifying a connection (including disconnecting)

Reasons to modify

In some situations, generators who have an agreement with National Grid may need to modify the existing agreement. Common reasons for modifying a connection include:

  • TEC increase;

  • change to connection point;

  • change in technology; and

  • change in technical site specifics.

TEC reductions can be done without a modification application. They are done on 1 April every year after we receive notification at least one year and five days in advance.

Altering an agreement

To alter an existing agreement, customers will need to:

Disconnections don’t require the modification application process.


To understand the costs associated with modifying an application, please refer to the Application Fee Calculator document. This tool calculates the cost of an application fee, based on the location of the connection, size of connection and offer type. You can find more information about the application fee in the Use of System Charges document.

Further details

If you would like to discuss the modification application, required technical data, or disconnecting, please contact your Customer Contract Manager or a member of the Electricity Connections Team.

For more details about charges for terminating an agreement, reducing TEC, or reducing Developer Capacity, please download the 2020-21 Wider Cancellation Charge Statement document

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To find out more about charges and how those charges are determined, please go to the Charging section of the website.

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