STC Panel Meeting and Documents

The STC modification Panel is made up of a Panel chair and a Panel technical secretary (provided by us), as well as members of the National Grid System Operator, offshore and onshore transmission licensees, and an authority representative. 

It usually meets every month but will also meet on an ad hoc basis if needed, and its function is to:

  • Evaluate and administer amendments to the Code
  • Review any consequences of those amendments
  • Administer the Code itself
  • Establish joint working arrangements
  • Prioritise modifications

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Our next Panel Meeting is on 27 October 2021

The meeting will run from 10am to 12pm via Teams. Panel papers to be issued on 19 October 2021.

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Last Panel Meeting was 29 September 2021

Our last Panel meeting was held on 29 September 2021. Agenda, Panel papers and headline report can be found on the meeting page.

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