PM083: STCP 19-5 – Update and clarification of process for issuing an FSKN to prospective OFTOs

There is a lack of clarity in the process for issuing an FSKN document to a prospective OFTO. NGET’s current assumption is that it can only take place at takeover, but this is unclear in STCP19-5. This can cause problems for the prospective OFTO as commercial arrangements (of which the receipt of the FSKN may be part) are required to be finalised at commercial close which takes place some 8 weeks prior to takeover. In a two stage closure process the OFTO is in receipt of a licence some 7 days before asset transfer takes place. At an absolute minimum the OFTO requires the FSKN at licence grant.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 13 May 2020